On July 13, 2022, NOTRE DAME DE PARIS made its long-awaited New York City debut at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center with 12 performances of enthusiastic audiences, standing ovations and overwhelming emotion. This international musical spectacular has captivated over 15 million people in 23 countries around the world. Faithful to Victor Hugo’s classic beloved novel, NOTRE DAME DE PARIS tells the emotionally charged love story of the hunchbacked cathedral bell-ringer Quasimodo and his unwavering devotion to the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda.

Written by French musical icon Luc Plamondon, composed by world-renowned Italian singer Richard Cocciante and directed by the avant-garde, multi-award-winning Gilles Maheu, this awe-inspiring production captures the passion and complexities of love through thrilling music and acrobatic choreography, all performed in front of the iconic French cathedral. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind theatrical experience that has transcended cultural boundaries for over two decades—it will have you on the edge of your seat!


Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Angelo Del Vecchio

Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Angelo Del Vecchio


Angelo Del Vecchio was born in Italy in 1991, and at the age of 11 years old, he began studying singing and the piano. In 2006, he took his first steps into the world of theatre. After a long series of auditions, he was chosen by Richard Cocciante to play the role of Benvolio in Giulietta e Romeo, a popular opera, with which he toured around Italy in 2007 and 2008.

From 2009 to 2010, he was part of the artistic cast of Rock Revolution as a soloist, under the direction of Sergio Carrubba. They performed at the Montjuic Olympic Stadium, becoming the leading event of the Nuit Blanche in Barcelona in July 2009. In July 2010, the show debuted in Italy at the Auditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome.

In 2011, Del Vecchio joined the cast of Notre Dame de Paris, playing Quasimodo. He’s thrilled to have participated in the tour that celebrated the tenth anniversary of the show’s Italian version, which played at the Verona Arena in 2012.

Having completed the Italian tour, Del Vecchio joined the international production of the English version, performing in many Asian countries, including China, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore, as well as in European countries including Russia, Luxembourg and Turkey.

For many years, he was a member of the choir in the Cocciante canta Cocciante concerts. Since 2014, Del Vecchio has also taken part in the revival of the Notre Dame de Paris Original French Tour in South Korea, Taiwan and Lebanon.

By starring in the French production, Del Vecchio is the only singer to have performed Notre Dame de Paris in three languages.

Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Hiba Tawaji

Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Hiba Tawaji


Hiba Tawaji, a Lebanese singer, actress and director, has firmly established herself in the Lebanese music scene and the Arab world as a major artist, recognized for her versatility and achievements as an incredible vocalist and performer.

Trained at an early age in opera and classical singing, Tawaji then studied modern styles with coaches from around the world. Tawaji also received a degree in cinema from Saint Joseph University in Beirut with The Rope, a short movie she wrote and directed that won many prizes at film festivals across the Arab world.

Between 2010 and 2012, she enhanced her training in the United States, notably at the New York Film Academy and the renowned Stella Adler Studio of Acting, focusing primarily on acting and musicals.

Just as comfortable performing in French and English as in Arabic, she was noticed early on by one of the most influential producers and composers in the Middle East: Oussama Rahbani. The renowned Rahbani family, pioneers of musicals in the Middle East for the last 60 years, entrusted Tawaji with the starring role in their last four shows: The Return of the Phoenix, Summer 840, Don Quixote and King of Communities. The ensuing success propelled her to star status.

Tawaji released three studio albums in Arabic: La Bidayi wala Nihayi (2011), Ya Habibi (2014), Hiba Tawaji 30 (2017) and a Christmas album, Hallelujah (2017), in Arabic and English. Each album was a resounding commercial success and acclaimed by critics. The success was followed by concerts on some of the most prestigious stages and festivals throughout the Middle East and accompanied by well-crafted music videos, some she directed herself.

Always eager for new experiences, Tawaji took an enormous gamble by participating in the fourth season of “The Voice” in France (2015) to meet and engage with the French public. In the blind auditions, the four members of the jury were mesmerized by her Franco-Lebanese performance of the Michel Legrand classic “The Windmills of Your Mind,” and she was given a standing ovation. Tawaji’s version of the song “La Bidayi Wala Nihayi” became a major hit in the Arab world and, following her audition, was at the top of the charts in many European countries. Throughout the season she was highly praised by the public and media. Considered as one of the most iconic performers ever on the show, Tawaji made it to the semi-finals.

In 2016 Tawaji was chosen to portray the famous gypsy Esmeralda for the return of France’s cult musical Notre Dame de Paris. Starting off at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, the show has been an international success, taking Tawaji and the troupe on tour around the world. She has appeared on major French and European TV channels, including the most-watched international news programs.

In 2017 Tawaji became the very first female singer to ever perform on stage in Saudi Arabia. Her performance was broadcasted by international media around the world and is considered historic. But more importantly, Tawaji considers it a step forward in Arab women’s battle for emancipation and equality.

In 2018 she recorded and released the credit song for the Ramadan hit TV series “Tarik,” which was broadcast across the Arab world.

In 2019, Tawaji was chosen by Disney to dub Jasmine’s speaking and singing voice in the French version of the blockbuster Aladdin. For many weeks, the film stayed at the top spot at the box office in France.

That year, Tawaji was invited by international tenor Andrea Bocelli to perform four duets and one solo performance at the Cedars International Festival in Lebanon. In 2021 Tawaji starred as a lead female role in the Arabic series Hawas, along with renowned actor Abed Fahed. The series was released on the streaming platform Jawwy. She also sang the credit song of the series “Lahza Ya Rayt” and directed the music video.

Tawaji is currently working on a new Arabic album to be released in 2022.

Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Daniel Lavoie

Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Daniel Lavoie


An author, composer, actor and comedian, Lavoie was born on the plains of Manitoba and built his credentials as a poet-pianist since he started his career in Quebec more than 40 years ago. He’s most acclaimed for his striking performances in daring projects like Notre Dame de Paris, Human Rights Now, Le Petit Prince, la télésérie Félix Leclerc, Douze hommes rapaillés, La licorne captive and, most recently, Piaf à 100 ans, Vive la Môme! as well as Fortitudes.

Daniel Lavoie has won a dozen Félix Awards in Quebec, four Victoires de la Musique in France and a World Music Award for his participation in the song “Belle” from Notre Dame de Paris. He also has 20 memorable albums to his name, most recently Mes Longs Voyages. He is the author of two volumes of poetry, Finutilité and Particulités and composed for Maurane, Isabelle Boulay, Eric Lapointe, Céline Dion, Mireille Mathieu and many others.

He is recognized everywhere for his unforgettable song Ils s’aiment, which remains just as current today as at the time of its creation.

Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Gian Marco Schiaretti

Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Gian Marco Schiaretti


Gian Marco Schiaretti was born in Parma, Italy. At 17, he played Mercutio in the Popular Opera Giulietta e Romeo, written by Riccardo Cocciante, which toured throughout Italy and played 10 times at the Verona Arena.

In 2011, he accompanied Maestro Cocciante in the Cocciante canta Cocciante concerts performed in Verona, Rome, Taormina, Geneva and Shanghai for the Universal Expo. In 2013, Disney Theatrical Group and Stage Entertainment chose him to play Tarzan in the eponymous musical in Hamburg and Stuttgart. Schiaretti played the role for nearly 1,000 performances.

In 2016, Schiaretti moved to London where he was selected to play the role of Che in the musical Evita. The show was performed in the West End and across the U.K. as well as in Germany and Dubai. He resumed the role at the Teatro Regio in Turin in 2018, when the show was presented with an orchestra for the first time.

Other roles include a guest in the concert Magicat the Musical at the Royal Albert Hall in London; Bernardo in West Side Story at the Royal Albert Hall in London during the BBC Proms; and A.J. Golden in the first Cirque du Soleil musical Paramour in Hamburg; and as Phoebus in the international tour of Notre Dame de Paris. In 2021, he played the title role in the international musical Don Juan, written by Félix Gray and directed by Gilles Maheu, and in 2022 he played Casanova in Casanova Opera Pop, written by Red Canzian, which toured Italy and abroad.

In August 2022, he will play Le Duc de Monroth in Moulin Rouge Das Musical in Germany, the show’s European premiere.

Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Yvan Pedneault

Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Yvan Pedneault


Yvan Pedneault was 25 years old when Brian May and Roger Taylor, founding members of the legendary group Queen, discovered him and offered him the lead role in the Toronto production of We Will Rock You.

The production was a resounding success, running for more than two years. His work also earned him a nomination for Best Male Performance in a Musical at the 28th Gala of the Dora Mavor Awards in 2007. After taking part in several shows across Ontario, including Rock of Ages, Pedneault joined the first North American tour of Queen Extravaganza at the request of Roger Taylor.

From 2012 to 2018, he played the role of Phoebus in French and in English in Notre Dame de Paris. He sang in eight countries in Europe and Asia, including Italy, Japan and South Korea.

After reaching the final of “La Voix” in 2016, Pedneault launched his first album, concluded his first solo tour and traveled Quebec with Britishow, Rhapsody, Les Classiques de Queen and Route 66.

Pedneault is happy to return to his roots by reuniting with the Notre Dame de Paris family.

Notre Dame de Paris | Cast


Notre Dame de Paris | Cast



Jay grew up in a West Indian family as a lover of gospel. From 1997 to 2000, he was a member of the French group Poetic Lover. They had six singles and two albums on the national charts.

After Poetic Lover’s split, he joined the R&B and hip-hop group Class Vegas in 2001, alongside Patrick Lisée and Sébastien Platon. They released the single “Les Femmes” with M6 Interactions. In 2002, he participated in Luc Plamondon and Romano Musumarra’s musical Cindy. Released in 2002, the show album reached #24 in France and #17 in French-speaking Belgium. A track from the disc Je l’aime en secret, a duo with Lââm, was released later that year, and the gold record sold more than 100,000 copies.

In 2003, Jay did a duet with Tina Arena called “Je te retrouve un peu.” The song appears on Tina Arena’s live album Vous êtes toujours là at Olympia, which was released the same year.

Since 2013, Jay has been a member of the soul group Vigon Bamy Jay, which released their first work entitled Les Soul Men on in 2013. An album of covers, it reached #7 on the French charts and became a gold album. The track “Feelings” achieved the same status.

Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Emma Lépine

Fleur de Lys
Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Emma Lépine

(Fleur de Lys)

As a child, Emma Lepine already knew that music would be her life since she prefers to sing, rather than speak. After several first-place finishes at singing competitions in Quebec, she stood out at the Festival de la chanson de Saint-Ambroise. Singing one of her idol’s, Luc Plamondon, songs, Lepine received the judges' and the public's favorite prize in all categories.

In 2021, she won the charisma prize on stage, this time as a singer-songwriter.

At 17, she won the hearts of four coaches at “La Voix 6,” Quebec’s version of “The Voice,” choosing to work alongside Garou, the original Quasimodo in Notre Dame de Paris.

In 2018-19, she worked as a performer in Party! for the Quebec Issime troupe. Since 2020, she has been performing solo voice and guitar on stage and working on her personal compositions. In 2021 she became the image of Fleur de Lys in the Canadian and international touring productions of Notre Dame de Paris. She considers this role a great honor.


Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Jaime Bono

Alternate for Esmeralda and Fleur de Lys
Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Jaime Bono

(Alternate for Esmeralda and Fleur de Lys)

Bono studied in the arts of performance ever since she was a child. She studied musical theatre and popular music programs in college. Her biggest dream was always to be part of a professional musical theatre show such as Notre Dame de Paris or in Broadway musicals.

Bono is a hard worker and strong believer that everything in life is possible as long as you work for it and believe in yourself even when everyone else is screaming for failure. She wants to thank all of her wonderful family for always being more than supportive with her and always pushing her further than her limits.

“Without my loved ones, I wouldn’t be where I am right now and a special thanks to Luc Plamondon who discovered me and to whom I am eternally grateful. The best is yet to come, but I thank the universe every day for this incredible opportunity of working with my favorite French rock-opera musical, Notre Dame de Paris.”

Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

John Eyzen

Alternate for Gringoire and Phoebus
Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

John Eyzen

(Alternate for Gringoire and Phoebus)

Eyzen made his debut on stage at the age of three, in the musical school Glamour Dance Studio. When he was seven, he joined Kids on the Beach Company and Luckine Dance Company, where he learned singing, acting and various dance genres including jazz, classical, hip-hop and tap.

During his 11 years of training, he was on stage every week. At the age of sixteen, Eyzen formed the group Eyzen, with whom he spent several years touring France before recording an album.

In September 2004, Eyzen was selected for the French TV show Star Académie. During this experience, he sang duets with Lenny Kravitz, Calogero, Florent Pagny, Garou and sang in the chorus for Phil Collins. Chosen by the audience, he participated in the tour in the largest concert halls in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

In February 2005, he released the CD single Sale Temps, written by Lionel Florence, and composed by Pierre Marie.

In 2006, he was chosen to play the role of Mercutio, in Gérard Presgurvic and Redha’s musical Romeo and Juliet. Even today, he tours with this show in France, South Korea, Taiwan, China and Russia.

In April 2011, he entered the Music Academy International, taking the course Actual Music, from which he graduated with honors and the title “Best Prospect.”

In that same year, he created the group Hyperpathia and toured Finland and Russia. In 2013 and 2014, as the artistic director of Blue Cargo in Biarritz, he formed a band called Blue Monkeys.

In 2014, he joined the musical Notre Dame De Paris, written by Luc Plamondon and Richard Cocciante, as an alternate for the characters Gringoire and Phoebus. He toured with this show in South Korea, Taiwan and Lebanon for a year, then returned for the new Asian tours in 2020.

In 2016, he performed the voice of Antonio, in the show Believe: Holiday on Ice, and went back again to tour throughout France. After this tour, he recorded the songs of the show in English for the rest of the tour in Europe.

2017 was a theatrical year for him. He played the role of Yannick in the comedy Einstein, directed by Hugo Rezeda, at Théâtre des Blancs Manteaux in Paris. He then went on to star in the historic feature film Medici, directed by Jeanine Perenius Perez. In this movie, filmed in Italy, he played the role of the main character, Lorenzo de Medici. In 2018, was chosen to act Cathelineau, in Alan Simon’s musical Chouan. That same year, he came back to the Music Academy International to take the Movie Soundtracks course. In August 2022, he will play Lucien Bonaparte in the French adaptation of the Canadian Musical Napoleon in South Korea.

Along with his career as singer and actor, Eyzen composes the music for short movies, plays and is currently working on the composition of musicals, such as Moliere the Musical. His first solo EP is now available on his website

Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Philippe Tremblay

Alternate for Quasimodo
Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Philippe Tremblay

(Alternate for Quasimodo)

Singer-songwriter and musician, Tremblay has been part of the French speaking artistic world for several years. This young man from La Malbaie began to make a name for himself at an early age in his native region of Charlevoix, in the Province of Quebec.

Opportunities quickly followed, and music became his full-time job. At only 19 years old, he was recognized for his unique voice and solid and mature compositions.

In 2020, audiences discovered him during his appearance on La Voix 8, Quebec’s edition of The Voice, where he made it to the semifinals as part of Garou’s team. Following in his coach’s footsteps, he recently played the role of Quasimodo in the musical Notre Dame de Paris by Luc Plamondon and Richard Cocciante.

Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Mike Lee

Alternate for Clopin
Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Mike Lee

(Alternate for Clopin)

Lee was born in Reunion Island and at 21 years old moved to Montreal to study in Childhood Education. After graduating in 2009 he turned his talents to singing and acting.

In 2012, Lee was chosen to be on a talent reality show, Star Académie and made it to the male finale. Thanks to this experience, Lee went on tour that summer and completed over 50 shows throughout Canada. Thirty additional tours were scheduled that winter in the Capitole of Quebec.

In 2015, Lee performed in several tribute shows to honor Luc Plamondon at the Qube of Montreal.

In 2016, he began performing in Retroshow, singing vintage and classic music. In 2018, he created and performed in his own show, Bon Chic, Bon Genre, experimenting with the crooner style. In 2020, Lee and a friend dropped an EP called “Smilee” of our original songs.

Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Robert Marien

Alternate for Frollo
Notre Dame de Paris | Cast

Robert Marien

(Alternate for Frollo)

Creator, set designer, director, artistic advisor... Robert Marien exercises his talents in every domain, from theatre to opera, as well as television and, above all, musical theatre. “It allows me to do everything at once,” as he often explains.

In 1984, the Quebecois singer was part of the cast of the musical Napoléon, with Serge Lama, then did a series of productions in Quebec.

In 1991, his remarkable performance as Jean Valjean in the re-creation of the French version of Les Misérables at the Théâtre Mogador earned him international recognition, from Paris to London to Broadway. His troubling performance as Frollo in Notre Dame de Paris and his sensitivity as Don Carlos in Don Juan in Montreal and Seoul were equally striking.

In 2004, he directed the Starmania 25th Anniversary Concert with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.

In May 2010, the critics and the public praised his direction of Lucia di Lammermoor de Donizetti at the Opéra de Québec. In January 2013, he worked on the musical Les 4 Filles de Dr March.

During the summer of 2010, Robert performed the role of Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music.

In 2011 and 2012, he reprised the role of Frollo in Notre Dame de Paris, this time in English, for an Asian tour, then in Russia.

Ending in 2014, the tour went to Moscow, Singapore, Luxembourg and Istanbul, before its great return to Paris.

In September 2015, he threw himself into the new musical N, the Queen of Paris, in the role of artistic and directorial advisor.

In 2016, he directed the Les Misérables 25th Anniversary Concert in Montreal, in which he also played the role of Jean Valjean.

DANCERS: Lorenzo Arnoults, Domenico Ausilio, Antonio Balsamo, Giulia Barbone, Marina Barbone, Alessandra Berti, Rodolphe Duquesne, Giuseppe Marino, Gabriel Nabo, Serena Origgi, Alessia Papale, Valentin Piers, Laurisse Sulty, Ivan Trimarchi, Vaia Venetis, Roberta Zegretti.

ACROBATS & BREAKDANCERS: Bazoul, Alex Besnier, Jonathan Gajdane, Nathan Jones, Matthieu Jordan, Andrea Neyroz, Tiger.

Creative Team

Luc Plamondon


Luc Plamondon


A native of Quebec, Luc Plamondon is one of the most respected authors in France and Canada. After attending a Jesuit seminary in Montreal, where he studied ancient Greek and Latin, he traveled to Europe at 20 to study literature and modern languages in London, Berlin, Madrid and Rome and Art History at the School of the Louvre in Paris.

Initially intending to teach and work in journalism, after seeing Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar he quickly realized that his vocation was to write rock musicals. In the ‘70s, he wrote songs for Diane Dufresne, and quickly gained notoriety in Quebec and eventually France. Upon moving to Paris, he wrote for Julien Clerc, Catherine Lara, Johnny Halliday, Riccardo Cocciante and other artists.

In 1979, the musical Starmania, written in collaboration with Michel Berger, was born and immediately became an overwhelming success in France and in Quebec, where it has sold five million records and entertained three million viewers. In 1992, Starmania was made into an album and adapted into English as Tycoon, written by Tim Rice, and sung by Tom Jones, Celine Dion and Kim Carnes, Nina Hagen, Peter Kingsbury and Cyndi Lauper. That same year, Celine Dion recorded a tribute album, Dion chante Plamondon, which sold 1.5 million copies.

Starmania was Plamondon’s biggest success before Notre Dame de Paris, but he has also written other musicals: Plamondon: The Legend of Jimmy (1990) with Michel Berger; Sand et les Romantiques (1992) with Catherine Lara; and Lily’s Passion with Barbara.

In 1998, the singer-songwriter Riccardo Cocciante wrote his masterpiece, the opera-musical Notre Dame de Paris, which debuted in September at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. After Notre Dame de Paris, Plamondon wrote Cindy, an adaptation of Cinderella, by Charles Perreault with compositions by Romano Musumarra. Cindy was first staged in 2002 at the Palais des Congrès.

Plamondon has received the highest artistic awards in both Quebec and France.

Richard Cocciante


Richard Cocciante


Long before Notre Dame de Paris became an international success, Richard Cocciante had established himself as an atypical, distinctive figure of pop music in Europe and South America, becoming one of the most prolific artists as a hugely successful singer-songwriter. His double identity of “Riccardo-Richard” is very apt, as his career represents a unique phenomenon in the international music industry, not only by singing in Italian, Spanish and French, but also by creating different records for each of these three languages. In many countries, some of his big successes have become classics.

With more than forty albums under his belt, on which he has collaborated with several of the biggest names in the music world, Cocciante has explored all the creative processes of composition, from songs destined to be sung by him to composing with and for other artists, while also casting and directing young actors for his Opera Popolare, covering a wide range of musical expressions.

He was born in Saigon to an Italian father and French mother and, at 11 years old, when the family left Vietnam for Rome, Cocciante discovered Italy, its culture and its great musical tradition all at once. Absorbing these varied external influences allowed him to explore very different artistic experiences. His musical education was self-taught, which implies a strong drive and a thirst for perfectionism, combined with a strong independent and cosmopolitan spirit, affirming the plurality of his cultural references and the maturity of his uncompromising, sincere and impassioned artistic character.

His meeting with Luc Plamondon produced numerous texts for himself and for other artists, such as for Céline Dion with “L’amour existe encore.” The quality of their collaboration brought them to a more long-term project: Notre Dame de Paris. A project that would be written, unbeknownst to anyone, without any other pressure than that of the two authors’ creative meetings. Notre Dame de Paris, a genuine international success, defies convention and was worth Cocciante’s gamble; a pastiche of styles, where grand European traditions of classical opera are revisited and mixed by introducing contemporary techniques and rock-pop concert equipment. A second career presented itself - that of composer of Opera Popolare, which made him decide to suspend his recording career.

From Petit Prince to Giulietta E Romeo, while Notre Dame de Paris continues its incredible conquest of the world, translated into nine languages, other new projects are underway.

Gilles Maheu


Gilles Maheu


A multidisciplinary artist: an actor, writer, director, teacher, set designer, choreographer and filmmaker, Gilles Maheu has been a leading director for 40 years, in Canada and abroad. He is also the cofounder of two theatres in Montreal, l’Espace libre and l’Usine C, and in 2015, he was named a Compagnon des Arts et des Lettres du Québec for his important contribution to Quebec’s cultural life.

With his company Carbone 14, he toured over 30 countries and received over forty prestigious awards, including best set design for his show Le Rail in 1985, best concept for his show Hamlet-machine d’Heiner Muller in 1987, and best choreography for the show in 1990, along with the prize for best production for his show Les Âmes mortes in 1996.

Maheu was also the lead actor in Jean-Claude’s cult film Un Zoo la nuit at the Cannes Film Festival in 1987. In 1985, he directed the film Peau, chair et os which won him the Prix de l’Audace at the Montreal International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) and the Prix Anick de la realization from Radio-Canada, as well as the bronze medal at the New York Film Festival.

In 1998, he directed Notre Dame de Paris at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. Since then, the show has toured in over fifteen countries across the world and has been see by more than ten million spectators. It won the prize for best production and best direction in Canada and in Italy. In 2004, Maheu directed the musical Don Juan by Félix Gray in France, Canada and Korea, winning awards for best production and best direction in Quebec.

In 2007, he was the artistic director on the creation of the musical Butterflies in Beijing and in 2008, he directed Cirque du Soleil’s Zaïa in Macao, China. He is currently working on a book about his theatrical journey, as well as on three new show projects in development for 2019.

Martino Müller


Martino Müller


Martino Müller was born in Arau, Switzerland. Originally, he was a dancer and a skilled figure skater. Based in Amsterdam, Müller became a choreographer. His first professional commitment was as a dancer with the Karlsruhe Ballet Company in Germany. A year later, he joined the Stuttgart Ballet, led by Marcia Haydée. His interest for classical ballet changed when he started to work in contemporary dance with Jiri Kylián. He then moved to the Netherlands to join the Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT I). Müller ventured into choreography in 1992, when he applied to join NDT II, the junior group of the Dutch company. His first piece of choreography “Who’s Watching Who” turned out to be a striking debut and received an important award from the Dutch arts organization.

That same year, Müller was invited to work for the Festival der Künste in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria, which led him to a production called A Woman Can Take You to Another Universe – Sometimes She Just Leaves You There, which NDT I later included in their own repertoire. NDT I then asked him to create a new piece. The premiere of this creation, entitled Heidi, took place in 1994. Since then, he has choreographed for numerous prestigious dance companies, such as the Lyon Opera Ballet, the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Komische Oper Berlin, the Ballet Gulbenkian in Portugal, the Stuttgart Ballet, Balletmet in Columbus, Ohio, USA, the Göteborg Ballet in Sweden, the Basel Ballet, the Bern Ballet, the Lucerne Theatre, the Israeli Ballet in Tel Aviv and the Croatian National Theatre.

Notre Dame de Paris, nominated for a prize for Canadian theatre in 2000, is Müller’s first time choreographing for a musical. In this show, which continues to tour around the world, he brings modern dance together with acrobatics for the first time. In 2007, the famous Cirque du Soleil invited Müller to choreograph a new, permanent show in Macao, China. The production of Zaia opened in a custom-built theatre in The Venetian Macao, home to the largest casino in the world.

Müller won the award for best musical choreographer at the BWW Italy Awards in 2012, for I Promessi Sposi, a modern opera. He entirely redid the production’s choreography for its tour beginning in 2011. One of his most important creations was the theatre spectacular Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story. The premiere took place at the Forest National in Brussels on December 22, 2012, then toured in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Dubai and Qatar, among other places.

In 2014, the Belgian production company Music Hall asked Müller to form a new directing team with the Belgian dramaturg Lulu Aertgeerts. Together, they transformed the arena version of Peter Pan into a new, magnificent piece of theatre, the premiere of which took place in December 2014 in Singapore. The most innovative choreography that Müller has worked on was for the new musical production of Cendrillon. The premiere took place on December 10, 2015 at the Sentosa Resort in Singapore.

Christian Rätz

Set Design

Christian Rätz

(Set Design)

Christian Rätz studied in Lyon at the École des Beaux-Arts and Strasbourg at ESAD. He has designed numerous sets for dance, opera and theatre in France and abroad.

He designed the sets for a number of operas put on by M. Leiser and P. Caurier, such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Dialogue des Carmélites and L’enfant et les Sortilèges for the Opéra de Lyon, Dido and Aeneas, L’histoire du Soldat and Werther for the Opera of Lausanne, The Coronation of Poppea, Eugene Onegin and The Magic Flute at the TML in Mézières, Switzerland, The Dybbuk at the National Theatre of Belgium and at the MC93 in Bobigny, Salome and Rusalka at the Spoleto Festival USA, Iphigenia in Tauris in Frankfurt and at the Welsh National Opera, La Belle Hélène at the Scottish Opera, Séraglio et Jenufa at the Opera of Tel Aviv, Iphigenia in Tauris, Orphée et Eurydice and Alceste at the Strasbourg Opera House.

Over the last few years Rätz has designed sets for the following theatre productions: Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, In the Solitude of Cotton Fields by Bernard-Marie Koltès at the Evora Drama Centre in Portugal, Le Misanthrope, suite et fin by Molière and Courteline at the Théatre de Carouge, Trolius and Cressida at the Almada Theatre in Portugal.

Between 2012 and 2014, he directed Opus Null with texts by Jean Arp, Incidents ou début d’un très beau jour d’été by Daniil Harms and L’heure d’alsacien / Àll die Sproche with texts by André Weckmann. In 2015, he wrote and directed the musical Le vent du diable which was set during the millennium of the Strasbourg cathedral.

Rätz has been in charge of classes at the L’École de Théatre National de Strasbourg since 1978 and he was responsible for training student scenographers at l’ESAD from 2008 to 2011.

Caroline Van Assche

Costume Design

Caroline Van Assche

(Costume Design)

As a visual artist, Caroline Van Assche’s vision is holistic. Her progressive costumes allow the audience to witness the depth of the characters and enables the actors to adopt the characters through multiple methods beyond acting.

After two years of studying image arts and five years of textile design in Belgium, Van Assche began her career in costume in 2002 with Céline Dion’s show A New Day in Las Vegas, followed by an aquatic show at Wynn Las Vegas with Franco Dragone. Van Assche then became Franco Dragone’s artistic director and worked on several touring shows. She directed the exhibitions “Quai des Orfèvres” and “Le Tailleur du Rêve” for him in Belgium. She carried out semiological studies for Guerlain, collaborated with C. Lacroix, Théâtre de l’Éveil, CTP Events, Masters of Linen and Modo Bruxelae. She created the visual identity, set, costume and video content of the musical Pinocchio at the Théâtre de Paris and at the Comedia in 2013 and 2014.

Alain Lortie

Lighting Design

Alain Lortie

(Lighting Design)

For the past 40 years, Alain Lortie has been driven by passion for his trade as a visual designer. He has worked with some of the biggest local and international artists.

Collaborating early on with Canadian multidisciplinary artists the likes of Michel Lemieux, Marie Chouinard and Édouard Lock, Lortie goes on to work with Quebec and European singers such as Diane Dufresne, Robert Charlebois, Daniel Bélanger, Peter Gabriel, Francis Cabrel and Eros Ramazzotti.

He is a nine-time Félix winner at Gala de l’ADISQ, and an eight-time winner of “Lighting Designer of the Year.” He is the recipient of the 1996 Masque award for best lighting for his work on Les âmes mortes (The Dead Souls), the 1998 Dora Mavor Moore Award in Toronto for his work in 1997’s Oedipus Rex and was the artistic director of the “Festival Montréal en Lumière” (2001-2005).

Some of his most memorable creations include Starmania (1993), Notre Dame de Paris (1998), Arturo Brachetti (1999), Cavalia (2003) and Odysseo (2011). Lortie is part of the Cirque du Soleil’s creative team; some of his collaborations include Soleil de Minuit (2004), Delirium (2006) and Zarkana (2011), as well as Toruk - The First Flight (2015).

In 2005, he began developing his contacts on Asia’s cultural scene, working first in China as lighting director for the Shanghai Circus World’s Era (2005) and lending his expertise to musicals such as Butterflies (2007), Love You Teresa (2010 and 2014), Mama Love Me Again (2013) and Ah Kuliang! (2013). In LiJiang he designed The Sound of Yunnan (2016) with the famous dancer Yang Lipin. In Taipei, he worked on Love Carmen (2006) and Tanya Chua’s (2013) Serendipity Tour.

Since 2014, Lortie has been collaborating with Franco Dragone on several productions, including The Han Show (2014) in Wuhan, China; La Perle (2017) in Dubai; and on Russian singer Philipp Kirkorov’s shows (2016). In 2016 at Radio City Musical Hall in New York, he was the lighting designer for the Rockettes’ New York Spectacular. In 2019, Lortie worked at the Opéra de Montréal, collaborating with Charles Binamé on his version of Bizet’s Carmen. He also worked on the unique concert of Roy Wang in Nanjing, China, and is the mastermind behind the lighting for choreographer/dancer Louise Lecavalier’s Mille Batailles (2016), So Blue (2011) and Stations (2020).

Sébastien Quinet

Hair Design

Sébastien Quinet

(Hair Design)

Sébastien Quinet studied in Lille at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and is a member of the French national hairdressing team. With more than ten years of high-level, international experience, Quinet has won many international titles, including French Champion 2004, European Champion in 2009 and World Champion in 2010.

In 2002, Quinet was noticed by Thierry Tixier, who asked him to design the hairstyles for the musical spectacular Le Roi Soleil. Building on this success, Quinet then designed hairstyles for some of the greatest French musicals, operas and more including Rabbi Jacob, Mozart, Opera Rock, Les Dix Commandements, Mistinguett, Reine des années folles and Dirty Dancing. In 2016, Quinet took his place in French cinema when Catherine Leblanc gave him asked him to design hairstyles for Un peoples et son roi, Au Revoir La-haut, The French Dispatch, Totems, and Marie-Antoinette.

Serge Perathoner & Jannick Top

Arrangements & Musical Direction

Serge Perathoner & Jannick Top

(Arrangements & Musical Direction)

Jannick Top is the bassist and co-founder of the group MAGMA, and since 1978 became a musician-collaborator with Michel Berger, then the conductor with Johnny Hallyday. Serge Perathoner’s career began with Yves Simon, with whom he composed the music of Diabolo Menthe in 1977. Afterwards, Perathoner formed the group Blue Rose with David Rose.

Top and Perathoner crossed paths in the studio but properly met in 1984 on stage with Zénith with France Gall and decided to work together. They are among the best musicians in the studio and French scene, but they are particularly excited to employ their talents as musical directors.

They have created albums for such artists as Johnny Hallyday, Céline Dion, France Gall, Sylvie Vartan and Jacques Dutronc. As close collaborators of Michel Berger, they arranged and did the musical direction of the rock opera Starmania (versions 1988 and 1993) at La Légende de Jimmy (1991). In 1997, author Luc Plamondon and composer Richard Cocciante entrusted them with the musical spectacle Notre Dame de Paris.


Nicolas Talar & Charles Talar

Enzo Productions

Nicolas Talar & Charles Talar

(Producer, Enzo Productions)

Nicolas and Charles Talar are the original producers of Notre Dame de Paris. Charles Talar was one of the major independent music producers from the 1970s to the 1990s, working with Francis Cabrel, Serge Lama and Mike Brant to name only a few, selling several dozens of millions of albums. In 1996, he dedicated himself to developing Notre Dame de Paris, creating the most successful French production ever and was joined by Nicolas Talar in 2000. In 2002, they produced Cindy by Luc Plamondon, Les Enfants du Soleil by Didier Barbelivien (2003) and Don Juan by Félix Gray (2004). Since 2006 they also developed productions of children’s shows with Oui-Oui, Dora l’exploratrice and Princes et Princesses, adapted from the tales by Michel Ocelot and recently, Emilie Jolie by Philippe Chatel. Between all their productions, Charles and Nicolas Talar have presented over 7,500 performances, seen by over 18 million people. Most recently Nicolas and Charles Talar have been credited as co-producers on the Tony Award-winning Best Musical Moulin Rouge! on Broadway, West End, North American Tour and Australia, Edmond de Bergerac and What’s In A Name (UK tour) and the Broadway revival of Funny Girl.

Adam Blanshay

Adam Blanshay Productions

Adam Blanshay

(Producer, Adam Blanshay Productions)

Adam Blanshay Productions produces, co-produces and manages a wide range of musicals, plays, comedies, digital theatre and live event theatre across the UK, West End, Broadway, US Tour and Australia. They have been involved in over sixty productions to date, and are the recipient of eight Tony Awards, eight Olivier Awards and one Helpmann Award. ABP are largely committed to developing highly acclaimed French theatre for English-speaking audiences. Most recently their productions include: Funny Girl (Broadway), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (UK Tour, Toronto, Australia), Pippin (off West End), What’s In A Name? (UK Tour), Moulin Rouge! (Broadway (10 Tony Awards), US National Tour, West End, Australia), The Inheritance (Broadway, Tony Award), La Cage aux Folles - The Play (Park Theatre London), City of Angels (West End), Come from Away (West End, Broadway, North America, Toronto, Australia), Waitress (West End), Kinky Boots (UK Tour) and Fiddler On The Roof (West End). Adam is a 2023 EMBA Candidate and Linbury Scholar, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.